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Tonsil infection won't go away, what can it be?

Sorry for the long post but I really need help with this. Thank you.
Have been dealing with a tonsil infection for a month and a half that keeps coming back despite 5 courses of antibiotics. In June my tonsils were covered in puss- it was painful and I developed a fever. Naturally I thought it was tonsillitis ( I had the infection before 4 years ago and that time it developed into quinsy. )
Was given Penicillin V for 10 days. I finished the course but the infection wasn't cleared and after a week was given another 10 day course. By day 8 I had lost my remaining capsules to finish the course but was told by a nurse I didn't need it since all was normal. Two days later my infection got worse.
Started to develop severe pain especially on the left side where I had quinsy last and my soft palette was swollen. Went to ER but the Dr. Said he couldn't see anything abnormal with the swelling though my tonsils were swollen with puss. Was given 2 weeks pen V again. Only took it for four days before being seen by an ENT. She prescribed co-amoxiclav for 7 days and had mono/ glandular fever test done which came back negative.
With co-amoxiclav I thought I was finally done with the infection as my tonsils rapidly healed and we're back to normal. To my horror when I finished my course my infection came back within 48 hrs. Went back to ER seen by the same ENT who confirmed it was an infection as my tonsils were covered in puss again. Given 10 days of co amoxiclav.
Now, the infection is much weaker but it is still there after finishing my last course. I don't know what to do or what it might be and im tired of going to the doctor. I am still in pain with full and burning pain in my throat up to my ear and to my jaw, I have puss/ white spots (not tonsil stones) but I don't have a fever. Tried natural remedies which help slow the infection but not curing it. Not currently on antibiotics.
Can this be antibiotic resistant? Can it be an STD- I've had unprotected sex both oral and vaginal but came up negative for gonorreah/ Chlamydia but I was on antibiotics when it was administered- could it be a false negative?
Last I had quinsy i believe I was given erythromycin and azithromycin for 2 weeks and it worked well. What can this be?

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I just wanted to reply to let you know I am going through something very similar. I had recurring tonsil infections, got my tonsils removed, and tonsil tissue still remains two years after surgery.

Since my surgery I have had recurring left tonsil infections that would go away with a course of antibiotics. But about three months ago I had what seemed to be the same infection but has not gone away with antibiotics this time. Like you, I am experiencing severe pain through my jaw and neck and also frustration over what it could be - all my tests have come back normal (not mono, blood count is fine) and also no fever; but my tonsil is visibly inflamed and full of puss. I have been waiting on surgery to have it removed again for three months, still two more weeks to go.

Will follow your post and hope you hear back some possible causes soon.

Wishing you good health,
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