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Tonsil stones and std?

so I was sexually active about 2-3 months ago oral sex only and lately I have had symptoms such as on and off sore throat, no fever, swollen glands, tonsil stones and small pus in tonsil pockets, i have a very small tongue pain on my  middle tongue, I had a yeast infection before my cycle and it got worst then went away, also I have take cipro but it was for headaches and i was told it gives yeast infections so i stopped taking it, also I had anal itching but that went away as well around the time I had my cycle...and only last for like 4 days...now I have a tear on my vaginal hood and peeling and cuts and itching on my labia majora but no crazy discharge no burning during urination just mild things...I was able to take the tonsil stones out but there is still a pocket there and some pus on the other side..but cannot be reached? Is this chlamydia...Ive been crying and stressing all day about this please help! also i got tested for strep and it came out negative and my school nurse said nothing was wrong...idk at this point I just need some type of hope. also my partner has no symptoms and ive never had any of these symptoms before.
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Sorry to hear you're so worked up!  I think you can probably relax a little, but most of these questions (ie, do I have an STD?) can only be answered with appropriate testing (and obviously, the concern must be raised to the appropriate care provider before they can know to check!).  Strep tests only test for...strep.  Tonsil stones are generally harmless and do not signify anything more serious.  I think probably the best way for you to get reassurance is see a doc, lay your concerns out there and see if they test for these.  If you're having (any kind of) unprotected sex, these are appropriate questions to be asking...
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