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Tonsil stones

I had ear fullness and throat began to get sore just on left side. Dr. First said acid reflux but meds was not helping. So one day while my throat was really sore I looked with flashlight and seen a white spot on left tonsil. Was put on antibiotics but did not help so I decided to press in on tonsil while holding the light. To my surprise I popped out a tonsil stone. Now the soreness has went away some but still feels lil weird on left side and drainage almost like a post nasal drip but fels like it's coming from the tonsil. Could there be more in the deep pocket? Also I have TMJ worse on that side....wondr if its connected....thanks ahead
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Sounds like there's still a tonsil stone hiding behind your tonsils. I would try a dental irrigation syringe to get it out of place, they have a bent tip which makes it easier to get behind the tonsil. You can find them pretty cheap on amazon.
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