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Tonsillectomy in 2 weeks. Is it too late to ask for adenoids out also?

Hello! I am 17 years old from Australia.

I'm having my tonsils removed on the 23rd of January. They are very big and I suffer from tonsillitis every so often.

My speech is also impaired due to the tonsils being so big, they have pushed my tongue forward giving me a muffled, nasally voice. I don't realise it when I speak, but people say I mumble. It is hard for people to understand me.

I believe when I get my tonsils removed my tongue will move back to where it is supposed to be, making my voice more clear (at the moment I can stick my tongue out further than normal) .

The main basis for getting my tonsils out is to fix my voice. I impaired to communicate with people because of my voice, and have given me a very low self-esteem :(

The question I am getting to is, will it be a good decision to get my adenoids removed also. I cough and spit phlegm very often. I can hardly every breathe through my nose. One side or the other is constantly blocked. I also think by opening the airways into my nose, that my voice can also become less nasally.

note: The blocked nose could possibly be due to my nose being unshapely bent to the right. I think I had broken it years ago and did not realise, leaving it broken causing it to stay bent.

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The doctor will only make more money if you request a full T & A,

So I imagine if you make a call and speak with him/her, they will probably concede to your request if they feel there is some justification for it.
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