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Tonsils and tonsil stones

I have been having tonsil problems since December 2009 and since then have had tonsillitis 4 times. The last time I had tonsillitis was around 11th April. I was determined not to use antibiotics because they screw with my menstrual cycle and I'm not regular at the best of times so I used general sore throat medicines from the pharmacist. The pain completely went away within about 2 weeks but my tonsils were still swollen. We the went to my doctor who proscribed antibiotics but they did not help at all. I started to produce white blob things from my tonsils and I read on the internet that they must be tonsil stones. This was out of one tonsil. While I continue to get tonsil stones in that tonsil, as i remove them that tonsil is gradually getting smaller. However the other tonsil is still as big as it was when I had tonsillitis and it is showing no signs whatsoever that it is going to produce tonsil stones. It is now 17th June and my tonsils are still in this condition. Has anyone else ever had this problem or has any solutions to suggest? Am I going to have to go back to my doctor? Any incite would be appreciated
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If your gag reflex can tolerate it, you can try gently probing the tonsil to try to get a stone to work its way out.  This may or may not be the problem.  With as many infections as you have had, you may also want to consider the option of tonsillectomy.  Painful recovery, but then these two problems would be solved...
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Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried this now and no tonsil stones have come out but I will try this again in a few days to see is any have formed. I have thought about a tonsillectomy but it always seemed a little extreme. I guess I will consult my doctor on the matter when I go to see him. Thanks again
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I have had tonsil stones but now my right tonsil is very large.  No sore throat scratchy throat pain just pressure pain.  It feels as if i have a growth in my tonsil or a clogged duct.  I can feel the lump in my tonsil with my tongue and if i push with my tongue a bad taste will follow.  I have had pain behind my tonsil, in my ear and also behind the glands in my neck.  I also have a wisdom tooth which is partially exposed.  I dont know if they all are related pains or if its a wisdom tooth causing bacteria to enter the tonsils and cause stones but the pressure of the pain is very annoying and painful.
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