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Trouble breathing when laying down and falling asleep.

Hey guys. A few days ago, I felt like there was a small piece of hair stuck in my throat. But i was pretty sure that wasn't the case because i checked. It just felt like that.

A day later, i got sore throat and swollen tonsils. No fever, cold etc. There was a small white spot on my tonsil too. This is when I had difficulty breathing when laying down. I do snore normally, but this time I could physically feel that my soft palate narrows when i am inhaling and exhaling with my nose. It felt like its moving a little to compensate the airflow. When i am falling asleep, i just wake up immediately from lack of air and from the sensation on my soft palate moving. As of now, if i could tell you what my throat feels like now, it feels like there is an extra flap or 2 short hairs grown out back at the end of the soft palate. I am VERY positive that the obstruction happens at the soft palate.

However, if i stick my tongue out, i can breath normally, in fact it feels really good, as if i am getting enough oxygen for the first time.

I am "overweight" per se, but not the very high body fat kind, I am into fitness. I weigh 168 at 5'6. My body fat is around 17 - 18%. I am not allergic to anything that I know that i have taken or expose myself to lately. Supplements i take are fish oil, multivitamins, and creatine. Been taking these for a while. I did not eat anything unusual lately.

My throat is no longer sore, just that "hairy" feeling is still there. Tonsils are back to normal (i think). Breathing is uncomfortable unless i am upright.

I have not been sleeping well for a few nights because of this. In an hour i could wake up more than 20 times. Sometimes i just get lucky and get myself to fall asleep for a couple of hours.

What could be happening to me. Please help.
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