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Turbinates Hypertrophy

I had a skin problem which was not diagnosed for five years in my country and later treated and diagnosed as dissecting cellulitis of scalp.After two to three years I started to feel breathless and stretch in nose.I went to ENT who prescribed antibiotics.After having no effect he advised an x-ray which showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear and swollen turbinates.Again got treated with anti antibiotics,anti inflammatory and others.After having no effect doctor performed a turbinate reduction surgery to correct turbinates. There was no improvement after surgery.The xray after surgey showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear.Again got treat changed doctors after 6 to 7 months again an xray was performed which showed Anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear and swollen turbinates.My Ct Scan and Mri reports say that swollen turbinate and paranasal sinus is clear.Allergy test show +3 for house dust mites.I feel stretch in nose which changes into pain.I feel breathless but actually there is no problem phsyically blocking anything in nose. I am unable to drive as I feel breathless,uneasy,restless and tensed.I have no social life. ENT say that your paranasal sinus are clear and turbinates are swollen due to allergy but not that much to block your air passage.24/7 when I am awake I think of breathing.1. When I awake up in the morning my nose feels as it is blocked. After a few minutes it gets better.
2. The rest of the day I feel blocked nose, pressure in nose in the center, pain in the center, sometimes cold air inflow, sometimes burning sensation, mostly there is pressure from both sides in the center of my nose.
3. 24/7 there is a thought going in my mind that I am unable to breathe properly from nose.
4. Sometimes I feel like I have got an attack in which for a few seconds I feel breathless, unable to breath completely, panic, restless and uneasiness. I tell my mind that there is no problem and sit or lay and try to relax and after a few seconds it gets normal.
5. I have no social life. As thinking of going out somewhere makes me feel uneasy that how will I manage to drive? Will I get breathless? Will I have to go to a Hospital emergency to get emergency medical treatment such as oxygen? If it is very important and I have to go for e.g. office, to meet a doctor or something else I choose a route which has a hospital or a few hospitals in between as If I get breathless or something else happen I will be able to go to an emergency quickly. So my life is restricted to office and home.
6. The problem starts from a slight pressure to a pain in the centre of the nose. It feels as if there is something pressing both sides of the center of my nose. Sometimes the pressure and pain is felt in the region below nostrils and above the upper lip area.
7. At the moment I am at leave from office and studying for my bachelors. I am unable to concentrate on my studies as when I start to study I feel a pressure or stretch in nose in the centre which later on transfers into pain. I feel stretch and pain at the same time I feel breathless. From my x-ray, CT scan, MRI tests I know that my nasal passage is clear and there is no obstruction.
8. I also feel at times that there is no inflow and outflow of air through my nose.

At the moment while writing I am feeling stretch in the center of nose.

Nose ct scan which results are as follow:

Minimal mucoperiosteal thickening in bilateral maxilliary, bilateral ethmoid and bilateral sphenoid sinuses; due to minimal siusitis

No evidence of sinonasal drainage pathway compromise.

No focal soft tissue mass or fluid level

No bony wall expansion or destruction

Congest/Swelling at bilateral inferior and bilateral middle turbinates

The nasal septum is deviated and convexity to right

No defininte focal mass or polyposis at nasal cavity

Normal orbits, baske of skull, mastoid air cells, and nasopharnyx

Normal viabrant bilateral Agger nasi cells, left concha bullosa and left haller cell

Allergy test results are as follow:

HEENT congested nasal turbinate 70 - 80%, tonsil 1+, TM intact,

Heart and Lung: within normal limit,

Abdomen: no hepato-splenomegaly,

Skin: no rash

Skin prick test aeroallergen : positive 3+ to House Dust mite

The xray before turbinate reduction/correction surgery is
http://imageshack.us/a/img46/8591/scan8t.png and it's report is http://imageshack.us/a/img820/7797/scan8report.png

After turbinare surgery it is http://imageshack.us/a/img824/6821/scan9l.png and it's report is http://imageshack.us/a/img845/5046/scan9report.png

Some months after surgery it is http://imageshack.us/a/img545/893/scan10.png and it's report is http://imageshack.us/a/img5/8343/scan10report.png

The are pictures of when I developed a cyst on scalp in 2005 I think below:


I have taken edited a picture from the internet to show where I feel the stretch and pain which is as below:


So what do I have? why do every time I have a stretch very mild and sometimes a acute in the center of my nose?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Sometimes the pain could be due to a nasal ulcer. When the crusts are removed do you see a ‘weepy’ surface, then the cause is most probably infection. Practice good ‘nasal hygiene’, i.e avoid using finger tips to remove the crusts, as they harbor infection causing bacteria. The nose ulcers described could also be due to blowing too much or if the air is too dry. Try using an OTC saline spray. Avoid blowing your nose too hard till the sores heal and use a soft Kleenex. If you don’t already have one get a humidifier for your bedroom. Hope these help
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Yesterday I was having a pain.I went to emergency in a hospital.I went to a ENT doctor there who after evaluating me told me that everything if fine sinus is clear only there is a little inflammation present for which he prescribed me an anti allergic, pain killer and nasal spray.I have taken these stuff for paat 2 years also.Doctor in my country and outside my country say that everything is fine execrpt little inflammation.There are no kind of ulcers present.I have been evaluated by many doctors.I had xray,ct scan, mri and even they have put a camera inside my nose and have shown that everything is normal except swollen turbinates but they should not cause the pain which you describe.
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Hey I m suffering from the same problem. Are you able to get rid of this problem if yes please do help with your suggestions it's really bad feeling when any one having this or no one understands this.
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Exactly the same here! What is it? Where did you get itt? Were you inmigrant?
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