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Ulcers in throat that arent healing, what are they-worried.

I have lots of ulcers in the back of my throat, here is a picture of my throat:


I first noticed these ulcers when I had a sore throat 3 months ago. I went to my GP and he told me they were either due to a viral or bacterial infection and would go on their own. He told me to gargle Corsodyl. I did and they haven't changed. I have also tried gargling salt water, L-lysine but nothing has helped at all. I went back to my GP today to see a different doctor who gave me Hydrocortisone lozenges (take one four times a day for 5 days) and if they don't work she will refer me to a ENT specialist. She was pretty clueless to what they are or what they are caused by, also the "arches" on the side om my throat are red also, I have no tonsils- can anyone shed any light?

They cause me no discomfort at all.

I suffered from very bad acid reflux for a long time and was on Omeprazole for 8 weeks just prior to this. Since coming off the Omeprazole i don't get hardly any Acid reflux.

I came off the contraceptive pill (Yasmin) just prior to this and was on the pill for around 6-7 years.

I have post nasal drip.

I have been stressed for quite a while as my Gran died last Sept and have been stressed ever since.

Any advise or help would be so helpful as the stress is getting me down. Thank you  
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I would think it was either from allergies or acid reflux.  
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Thank you for your reply. It is totally baffling for me as they truly seemed to pop up from nowhere.
I have started taking the hydrocortisone lozenges, and noticed it says on the leaflet that it will make things worse if it in an infection, so I am hoping that isnt the case and this isn't an infection as someone has said it looks similar to tonsillitis (I had my tonsils removed at 7 years of age,but was told yesterday that they can grow back :/),.  
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I am on the 3rd day of the hydrocortisone buccal tablets and I have noticed I have got another, new blister/ulcer/pustule, does this mean that it IS an infection and the tablets are indeed making this worse?
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Oddly I also came on my period today and feel run down, wish i could find what these are about :(
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I'm not a fan of hydrocortisone anything, although that kind of thing is a lifesaver for asthma, apparently.  That's one thing I don't have.  But if you get thrush in your mouth, it will be because of the hydrocortisone.  
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Thanks, they seem to have done no good. I was wondering how would I know I had thrush in the mouth? My tongue is rather white :/ are there any other signs? thanks :)
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