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Unexplained jaw swelling over the last 5.5 years

I have been experiencing what feels like fluid retention/swelling underneath my jaw almost everyday for the last 5.5 years. The swelling lasts throughout the day and I don't notice any triggers. The degree of swelling can vary throughout the day and week. It can get even worse when I'm not drinking enough water, but even when I do drink enough water it's still pretty bad. I also keep a low salt intake. The swelling can go down a lot after a hot shower, only for it to swell up again later. Doctors found nothing after feeling my jaw/neck. There were a few times when the pressure was just absolutely unbearable, where I wasn't able to lie down, but it went back to the usual degree of swelling the next day after getting my period. But it still swells up even when I'm not close to my period. I do not experience any pain, aches, or fever alongside the swelling. The discomfort is from the pressure that I feel when the area underneath the back of my jaw is swollen. I do not feel any lumps or anything hard, either. From the outside, it just looks like extra fat around my face, but on rare occasions the swelling goes away and my face looks more defined.

My blood test results showed that I appeared to be immune to mumps.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  This sounds very frustrating!  I'm glad you have been to the doctor and I would continue to do so.  Jaw swelling can happen for a variety of reasons, however, this has been going on for 5 years?  And they have yet to find an underlying cause?  I assume you've ruled out anything related to dental issues.  There is a condition that involves inflammation to the salivary glands called sialoadenitis.  Have they looked into that?  Does cold compression help with the swelling?
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Thank you for your reply! I haven't really tried cold compressions so I'm not sure if they help. The doctors that I have seen have been pretty dismissive of my swelling, but I'll be seeing an ENT later this month and will make sure to ask them about salivary gland disorders/inflammation. Thanks again!
You are most welcome.  Cold compression often does help and may be worth a try.  I'm sorry you have had unhelpful doctors but hope that the ENT is able to work with you to resolve this.  Please let us know any updates.
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