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Unexplained lumps

I have had three unexplained lumps within a year (but never went to the doctors). My first one was located in the front of my neck, under my chin, on the left side, pea size. It was painful after I touch it. Other symptoms that I was having at the time of that lump were: headache, dizziness, fatigue, and a sense of someone squeezing my neck. I would commonly describe it as like wearing a tight turtle neck (I still sometimes get that sensation). It was small, did not get larger, and went away within 2-3 weeks. My second one was then located on my left leg above my ankle bone. Symptoms, I thought, were: leg bruisings. I had no injuries to my leg, and the lump felt the same as my first although this lump was way more painful to the touch and I actually had to change my sleeping positions because it hurt. It lasted a good two months or more. My third lump is my current situation. It is on my neck again, but this time located in the back of the neck, mid neck, on the left. It is pea size, has no pain, and feels roughly firm. I do have a cold right now, but I am near the end of it. Symptoms: neck stiffness and soreness, and extreme fatigue.  I am wondering if these were somehow related. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.  
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