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Unique infection? (Ear)

For about a month I have had a jaw pain but only 2 days ago I've started to feel some sounds in both my ears, like you're listening to music in a nightclub.. but without the music!
Yesterday I lost complete hearing in my right ear and today, on 17.7.15 there appeared some weird zits on the sides of my stomach.
I consulted my personal doctor but all he prescribed was some ear drops.
What happenned was that after use, 10 minutes later I can hear again but only for about an hour and then I go deaf again. After using them my ear became enlarged and now hurts more.
I'd expect to see it for about 2 more days and I'm going to a hospital...
Never seen anything like this in the forums by now.
                                                                                                       I'll be updating this for the next 2 days only!
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As it turns out my other ear had started to feel like my infected one before it started to hurt but I still can hear, I knew a friend who had that "deafness" chronically and the only thing that allowed him to hear again was grease from rabbit or bunny.. he has had this for 4 years but he passed out in 2013.
I can't ask him how to use it properly even though I will!
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