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Untreated ear infection.

I am not able to afford to see a doctor, and I'm concerned my recent ear problem may be an infection. Since Saturday night I have had sharp pain in my right ear, with the feeling of pressure, really sore and Its now Tuesday night and it has not improved at all. I'm very lucky that my mom has Ibuprofen from recent migraines that is really helping out with the pain. It's almost unbearable at night and after waking up in the morning i cant stand to chew food until an hour after taking Ibuprofen because of the pain.

I'm wondering if ear infections generally resolve on its own or if left untreated will develop into more serious complications. Since today I have started taking vitamin C in the morning and will before bed, and besides ibuprofen I'm finding relief with a heating pad. Have any of you ever had an ear infection that you did not have treated or know friends/family that has?
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Going untreated is really a bad idea.  A middle ear infection can lead to really bad issues, such as mastoiditis. Which is essentially an infection in the bone behind the ear.


worse case scenerio, death

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