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Update ENT appt.

I finally went to see the ENT last week. Being sent for a CT Scan and he did more blood work. Ears were okay, throat was okay. Only mentioned two words to me lymphoma and submandibular gland. Basically that was it, until I have a CT Scan done. (Still have not been called on it yet) I guess he will not say anymore than that. I figure i am looking at another 4-6 weeks before i find out what my problem is. It took me two months to see him.

Short history: Night sweats, weight loss, deep bone/muscle aches.There is something painful underneath my jaw line that swells when i eat. The lump is noticeable when it swells. The pain runs to the the back of my right ear. The right side of my neck burns, my ears ache so bad in the inside.  It hurts to eat, my tongue gets numb and feels like it is scalded after i eat. The last two days i have not eaten much do to the pain afterwards. When the pain intensifies my mouth gets watery. Unfortuanely i smoke. When i do the right side underneath my jaw line becomes like a frogs throat.

My question is what can i take for the pain. I am on Advil, but like i said the last 2-3 days no relief. Literally want to cry, but adults do not cry at work....I don't care about the other issues, just the pain underneath my jaw....behind my ear.

They did bloodwork, but i am pretty sure i will not hear from the ENT until about a week after the scan is done. Have to get it done first. They do not seem to be in any rush...

Here are the lab results from my last blood work on May 2. I have not heard on the ones done June 27

WBC: 13.8                                  range: 3.8-12.0
HCT: 46.3                                              32.9 - 45.4 %                  
MCV: 97                                                74-96 CUMI
Lymph % (auto) 6.1                                 .9 - 5.0 K/CUMM      
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