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Variety of ongoing ear, nose, and throat problems

I had severe milk allergy when I was born and was considered "allergic" until I was about 2 years old. I also had chronic ear infections (like one a month) and when I was 3 or 4, I had tubes in my ears which fell out about 1 year (?) later. Only a few ear infections after that. I also used to get strept throat about twice a year in elementary school.

Now I'm almost 21 and I still have ongoing ear, nose, and throat problems that are somewhat annoying, but have never been ascribed to any diagnosis (or diagnoses). After I eat (especially after dairy or citrus) I have a productive cough and sometimes a dripping sensation in the back of my throat; makes me need to cough to clear my throat. It only lasts for about 10 minutes after eating and has never restriced my breathing; it's just annoying. Also after I eat (as well as when waking up in the morning) both of my ears produce clear, odorless, watery discharge, sometimes enough that it actually runs out of my ears and would go down my neck if I didn't use a tissue. It usually starts quite soon after I begin eating and stops before the end of a meal, so I suspect that it's excess fluid that is stuck until it gets released by the motion of chewing. I also ocasionally have stuffy nasal sinuses after eating (usually after a lot of dairy). All of those have been going on for the last 5-6 years. In the last 2-3 years, I have developed mild IBS, mostly in the form of gas and painful gas cramping, with ocasional constipation or soft stool. I aso have some acid reflux symtoms on occasion, the most painful of which is the feeling that food has gotten caught at the entrance to the stomach, resulting in a sudden, brief, stabbing pain in the area (painful enough that I have cried out in pain before) that is usually fixed by several gulps of water.

My questions are these: Is this history of symptoms tied together? Do you think I am still showing signs of milk allergy? Should I try eliminating dairy from my diet and see if there's any improvement? Any other suggestions? I'm a few years overdue for a physical and plan on scheduling one soon; hopefully my doctor will be able to shed some light on these annoying problems
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Read this medhelp post, and go down to the 3rd comment by T_S


The book he recommends is from Diana Scharzbein, MD.  This sort of thinking is sort of new in medicine.  NOT!  The Chinese have known this for centuries.  I also recommend "Asian Health Secrets" by Letha Hadady on ways of eliminating mucus.
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