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Vertigo/Dizziness for One Week

Hello everybody -- here's the facts first.

21 yo, male. Caucasian. -- no known medical problems except sporadic peripheral neuropathy which has been tested by a doctor -- they ruled out any brain issue (MS, tumor, etc) at the time, seemed to be related to arthritis in the spine.

Here's the problem... For the last week (as of tomorrow) I have had very bad vertigo/dizziness. When I sit, when I stand, when I lay. I can sometimes get in a position where it is 'steady', but when I move it sets it all off again. I may have slight pressure around my jaw and forehad, but no real headaches or other symptoms. When ther dizzyness gets really bad my head feels like it's a fog/my head feels detatched from my neck, but it comes around after a few minutes usually.

The dizziness is not usually debilitating, but it has its moments where it kind of stops my productivity for a few minutes. I went to see the Doctor when this all started a few weeks ago, they did some tests/blood work and diagosed me with BPPV. I can always walk when I am dizzy, but when I do, my body feels weak (probably cause of nerves) and I feel like I am either bobbing up and down or that my foot is dropping into a hole...my walking however is not actually imparied, I just have that sensation.

The only relief it seems is when I drive. For whatever reason, when I am in the car my dizziness pretty much 100% resolves itself, as long as the car is moving. My blood sugar is fine, and again, there ususally arent any other symptoms. Just constant dizziness. Elevators and anxiety seem to magnify 100x.

My mother had the exact same thing about my age, she went through MRIs, CAT scans, ENT, etc. etc and everything always came back clear...she pretty much got stuck with the BPPV diagnosis as well.

I have tried ibuprofen (maybe some slight help), Dramamine (made me feel drugged for the entire day, still dizzy), and am currently taking Claratin-D for the last 2 days thinking it might be sinus related.

This really ***** and is making me not fun to be around as I often either want to stay home or drive around because that is when I am at my best ...any ideas? Is it normal for vertigo to last several days in a row? My mom recalls times where it would last weeks and then just disappear for a while.
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Ask for a prescription for Antivert.  I take Betahistine; Antivert is not available in Europe.  I take it 3x/day and it helps me with my vertigo/dizziness.  Have you had a referral to an ENT Specialist for testing?  

I feel great too when I am in a car or moving too.  Then, when I am still, it is the worst.  
You are too young for all of this; makes for a very, very unhappy person to say the least.  
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Can you please furnish few more details regarding your problem?
1. How frequently are you getting this giddiness? Does it disappear after few episodes?
2. Do you have any associated tinnitus/ reduced hearing/ headache?
3. Did you have any injury to the head before this problem?
4. Did your ENT specialist perform any tests to diagnose it as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)? If so after diagnosing, did he perform any corrective procedures like Epley’s maneuver?
5. Do you have any associated cardiac problems?

If you can provide these details probably the diagnosis can become much easier. You can definitely continue with betahistine as it gives you symptomatic relief.

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