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Very Scared, I can't stop thinking.

Four months ago I found palpable lymph node on the left side of my neck, inch below my jaw bone. It is about size of a kidney bean, firm, but not rock hard, little rubbery, movable. When I head straight, it feels very small. When I bend my neck right, feels larger, about described size. No pain, not visible, no swelling, doesn't grows. My GP said it is normal, I stopped thinking about it. Then my anxiety kicked in. I went to ENT doctor, he examined my neck, and he said that this is submandibular gland and it is there because when we age some of them tend to lower down. I was so nervous. After I left, I figured out that he probably did not feel what I wanted him to feel. I went to another ENT doctor, and he said that this is a normal lymph node. He didn't even wanted to order ultrasound. He told me not to loose my sleep and relax. He also said that could be form my scalp psoriasis. Still looking for reassurance, I went back to my GP, he said the same thing. Run my complete blood panel, everything came back normal. I became obsesses why it is still there because I am scared I have cancer. I live in constant fear. I have itchy throat since couple of weeks (ac?), impacted wisdom teeth that never came up, had some gum problems (didn't floss much for years), psoriasis, chronic stuffed nose, stress at work and school....and lots of anxiety because the lump is still there. Please tell me what do you think.
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I have a permanant swollen lymph node it is in the same spot.  There is nothing wrong, its not cancerous, my husband has the same thing and some of my other friends have it as well.  My wisdom teeth have not come in yet, they were supposed to 3 years ago, my throat itches and I always have a stuffy nose.  You may have a deviated septum and that causes the nose and throat stuff.   As for you having cancer, trust me they would know by your blood work.  My friend had no problems no signs, went to the doctor for an after college check up and to do a CBC and other blood work, his numbers for everything came back off the chart.  They would know if its cancer.  Dont stress out about it much, alot of people have a swollen lymph node for  no reason.  Mine is from mono twive and strep over 15 times in a year.  
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Thank you for your answer. As a matter of fact, I do have deviated septum, what causes my nose to be stuffed. I was wondering what does it have in common with lymph nodes? My lymph node is still there. Why doctors disregard it completely?? Normally, people don't feel their nodes. What id doctors are omitting something that should have to be take care of right away?
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Anybody wants to share their experience, oppinion?
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Found another node on the other side of my neck, small, like 2-3mm, movable, no pain nothing. Is it normal to feel your nodes?
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