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Vibrating ear i think its tinnitus

Hi i'm a little concerend about my ear's mainly my right it vibrates to even quiet noise i.e my current partner chatting he is well quiet spoken and the t.v that isnt even loud i know it isnt, then music at an adverage loudness hurts i could cry and i grab my ear its so painfull its not there all the time but its there and it comes for no good reason even in the silence it comes and its doing my head right in. I have suffered with this for around 7 or 8 years i have been to see a few gps and i'm told they is nothing wrong with my ears and i was even told this upto 4 weeks ago the last time was wednesday'ish.

I was with a violent drunk who couldn't shout when we was arguing and i mean screaming at each other we even through pans at each other lol for 7 years and we have been split up 3 years ish now. Has he couldnt shout he would pin me down and scream in my ear and shout abuse id laugh even when my ears hurt yet i couldnt show weakness, ever since then my ears do this thing the only way i can discribe it is like  a drum when you hit it, it vibrates while this is happening everything sounds muffled but loud like someone shouted at you while under water
when this happens my throat starts to itch so i garggle to get rid of it but it doesn't help but it eases it for about a secound along with all this my ears feel blocked im well confused gp's say its nothing but it has to be something can anyone help  
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