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Vibration in ear


Before I begin I will introduce myself, I am from Belgium and 21 years old. And I have this problem in my ear for some time (I only took notice couple of months ago and didn't found it to be normal).. I'm kinda desperate with my situation here... It's very hard to explain and cannot find any direct name for this symptom I have. I'll try my  best to explain it.

So like I said, time to time my right ear starts to vibrate and therefor hear a sort of buzzing sound is being produced. But I can also "Feel" it in my ear. It's not sound only. Back in the days I don't always have it. But now it seems to happen every day. And it only starts when taking a nap or going to sleep at night. But the thing is, it doesn't happen instantly.. It usually takes about 5 or 10 minutes before it begins, it starts intermittend and the more I focus on it, the worse and louder it becomes and constant. At this state even when I stand up and go for example to the bathroom I still hear it. So it's not a real legit tinnitus thing...

I also noticed and expiremented with my right ear, when the vibration begins, I play some music from smartphone next to my right ear and it stops but the minute I shift my smartphone away to let's say to my forehead I get the feeling that my right ear is tensing and then starts to vibrate... Put music next to my ear again and it relaxes again and no vibration... shift it away and again feel tensing sensation and vibrates again... I also can do this with my other good left ear..

I also noticed that sometimes when the vibration begins, it stops with my breathing.. So when I inhale it stops and starts again, same for exhale..

I'm truly truly desperate about this, and I know stress will only make it worse, but I can't seem to avoid thinking about this....

Went to the ENT couple of weeks ago, audiogram was good, pressure was good, CT scan.. my right Sinus is very much infected compared to the left one.. Always was sensitive for Sinus infection. Took antibiotics, he told me that the ear thing is because of Eustachian tube is being blocked... But this happens for months and months...

Can anyone help me out please..

pff [frown]

Also a couple of weeks ago I was under a lot of stress and therefor I had alot of muscle spasms and twitches almost every muscle.. I had even couple of days constant twitching just above my ear lobe, especially when I am yawning or sleeping...

Magnesium defiency ?
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