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Viral Labyrinthitis

Whilst in Holland early this July, I developed, over the course of about half an hour to an hour, dizziness so severe I was unable to walk, nausea [and vomited several times], a bad fever and terrible earache in my left ear extending into my head. I was taken to the hospital there with suspected meningitis, where I was diagnosed with, and treated for, a migraine. Upon my return to England two days later, I was told it was a bacterial ear infection and treated accordingly with antibiotics and Stemetil. Although this was of some help, I have since suffered from a persistent pressurising sensation in my ears, whcih no medication has been able to clear. I have also suffered a minimal amount of hearing loss in my left [affected] ear, and have frequent earaches, occasionally lasting for a few hours and being a minor, dull pain, and occasionally a sharp, more severe pain lasting for a minute or so. Dizzy spells also occur if  move too fast, and I am often unusually fatigued, suffereing from muscle weakness, and with sysmptoms such as confusion and a lack of concentration; I also feel rather "spaced out" fairly often. I saw an ENT specialist a week ago, who informed me I had viral labyrinthitis. However, he could find no damage to my ears, no blockages in the eustachain tubes, and no reason for the pain/pressure.
So, my questions are, what could be causing the pressure in my ears? And how can it be treated?
I am currently taking no medication, so what is causing the fatigue et cetera?

Apologies for the length

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Well things do not add up.

Some doctor tells you, you do not have meningitis, when the symptoms due indicate it....  the fact that you do/did not have it is great.

To tell you the truth I have never heard of a bacterial infection within the inner ear/vestibular system.... other than meningitis. Maybe I don't know everything....   But I have heard of viral infections within the inner ear/vestibular system.

You go on to say that you had a doctor confirm that you had a VIRAL LABRYNTHITIS, well that is not bacterial based, that is viral based, and you do not treat a virus with an antibiotic. Treatment is usually with acyclovier (sp) (valtrex) & a steriod.

To be honest, some of your symtptoms sound to me like meniers disease.... pressure, hearing loss etc. You need to find an ENT that will spend time with you.... If you are in America, that could be essentially impossible.
310333 tn?1193163126
Yes, very few things add up...

I did wonder why I was given an antibiotic...it appears that my doctor didn't realise I had a viral infection, and treated it as bacterial. I have seen an ENT specialist, who has requested more tests with me, such as hearing tests, before making an accurate diagnosis. In the mean time, I have no medication and no treatment, meaning that I am stuck with the unpleasant symptoms without any relief - difficult, as I am in my GCSE year, and an active musician.
I will research Meniers Disease

Thank you for your advice/information
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has all the makings of  VERTIGO.   ive been battling it for a year now.  Find a good ENT, and dont give up..

Good Luck
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