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Viral Pharyngitis of Unknown Origin

Hi All,

I started showing isolated symptoms of Pharyngitis around 18 November 2014. I was abroad in Thailand, specifically Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket.

Upon returning home. I immediately saw a General Practitioner who prescribed me Augmentin SR (Amoxycillin) and diagnosed me with Pharyngitis. There was no fever, and I have largely swollen lymph nodes on my right hand side.

The course of antibiotics was inneffective. I returned a week later and had a swab done. No signs of Bacteria. I was prescibed Clacee (Amoxycilin). This too was innefective, and I was redirected to an ENT.

I have had blood tests done for CMV, HSV, EBV / Mono. All coming back negative. Note that there was open mouth kissing on the 12 and 15th of November. However, it is still too early to test for HIV; but considering there was no sexual activity (oral or otherwise) I have excluded this from the list with the confirmation of the specialist.

I had X-Rays done and no signs of Abscesses (spelling?) . The doctor says he will carry out more tests and is unsure..

I am wondering if the professionals on this forum can guide some alternatives as the pharyngitis has persisted for 6 weeks getting progressively worse.

I am considering all professional possibilities (parasites, viruses, etc) . Although it has been suggested to me to be viral.

There are no visibles signs of any ulcers, and the back of my throat did not show anything according to the ENT. There are also no visible rashes on my body.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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* Edit : I meant to say Clacee (Clarithomycin)
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Not sure what to tell you.
If you're looking for more info on alternative medicines, you could try that forum. Really nice people over there.
Or you could also try the Complementary medicine forum as well.
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