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Vision problems and Headaches

2 years ago, had some dizzieness type things with my vision, hard to explain.  Sometimes I feel slightly off balance.  Also have chronic sinusitis.  Had vision checked by several docs, also had balance checked by ear specialist.  Had sinus surgery.  Now going thru vision therapy, its helped a little but the wierd eye thing never went away even after all this time.  Can't enjoy life or my child, its on my mind constantly.  Its hard to ignore visual problems when you use your eyes to live life.  I am not crazy, and Im sick of being blown off by people and doctors.  Its there, something, a tightness in my head, pressure, almost like my eyes want to go crossed or unfocused, its hard to keep up with movements, its hard to exercise.  Its making it hard to ever want to smile.   ANYBODY OUT THERE, ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT OR WHO GOT HELP FOR IT, SOMETHING, ANYTHING.
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I know where you are coming from.  I have the same problem.  Drives me NUTS!  I am seeing a neurologist July 2.  Maybe there will be some answers there.  Just know you are NOT alone.  I can't enjoy reading a book anymore, watching TV, a movie, or my grandkids sports.

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Get a blood test checking your prolactin levels or an MRI of your head. Any other symptoms?
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Hi guys,

I have same eye feeling, more like when you drink two pints, 24/7 feeling though, and worse when entering fully lit places like stations.....I have floaters probably from lasik surgery, but my eyes feel different I see the world differently and has nothing with surgery coz my mother did her eyes years before me at same surgery using same surgeont.

I will check teh prolactine thing,keep me updated , I am happy I am not alone.....I am depressed and as you guys no reading or cinema much anymore......

Good Luck and Regards,
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