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Voice loss ! please help

Hello, I am a singer and I have a very wide vocal range. But something strange happened to me, that 2 weeks ago I simply can't access my high vocals anymore. There is this chocking feeling like there is something blocking the sound when I try to sing high.

It's not a matter of misuse, because I have good technique and sing without forcing my vocal chords. Also this was not something that happened after I sang much.

My voice was well rest, I didn't feel pain or anything. So when I went to a rehearsal, I was surprised that I just couldn't access my high pitch anymore ! It's like I lost 50% of my range suddenly ! Already 2 weeks and not better.

I feel no pain, nothing. I went to a doctor, and he saw my vocal chords with a camera. The vocal cords are normal without any lesions or lumps. Sometimes it's also a little uncomfortable to speak like the cords are not receiving air enough to vibrate... I don't know what's wrong.

What could be blocking my voice to sing higher notes? some muscle problem on the throat ? something deeper behind the vocal cords that cannot be seen ?

Please any ideas ?

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