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Water in my ear

I went swimming today and water got trapped in my ears. One ear drained quickly, but the other one didn’t. I’ve tried everything. (Letting gravity take over by laying on my side, chewing gum while laying on my side, hydrogenperoxide, rubbing alcohol, rubbing alcohol with vinegar and even over the counter swimmers ear drops.) My ear canal is sore and still nothing has helped. It’s annoying and things that friends have had worked aren’t working for me. Help!
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Ugh, that IS a pain.  Have you ever heard of swimmer's ear?  It happens.  You are smart to not want water in the ear which can lead to that external ear infection.  I assume you tried the shaking thing.  That often lets it out.  You can try a reverse ear pop which is when you hold your nose and blow out.  Your ears will pop.  Pull on the ear lobe and yawn.  Unfortunately, if you can't get it out with these methods or the rubbing alcohol ---  you'll have to call your doctor.  Let me know if you get it out!
Yeah I’ve heard of swimmers ear which is what I think I have. I’ve done the reverse ear pop and my ears pop but no water comes out. I’ve tried so much tonight I’m gonna stop and start again tomorrow.
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Ya, I'd stop and go to bed.  Swimmers ear is actually an infection that happens after the water is trapped and bacteria grows in the moist environment so you probably haven't developed that yet.  You just don't want to.  It's called otitis externa.  Basically an infection of the outer ear.  call the doctor if you can't get it out.  good luck and let me know!
I have an appointment for Monday just incase it doesn’t clear up by then. Thanks will do.
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