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Weird Sensation in Tongue/Throat


For the last 2 to three weeks I've been having the weirdest sansation in my face. First it started with my entire face hurting. Especially around the jaw.

Then I started this weird feeling in my throat/tongue. Feels like there is pressure in my throat and tongue especially towards the back. Feels like someone is pushing the back of my tongue down especially on the left side while at the sametime squuezing the sides of my throat and pushing up,

Then this sensation like the one you get when you suck on something sour under my tongue all the way to the back of my jaw under my ears.

Feels like my saliva is pooling up under my tongue and swallowing food or water or even my saliva  has been difficult at times and makes the tightness feel worse. Have chocked on food a few times because my tongue doesn't have enough pressure to push it back.

Went to the doctor put me on claritin thinking it was allergies. Worked on the facial pressure but not on the tongue/jaw/throat pressure. Doing a salt water gargle didn't help either. Lemon and honey hasn't helped either

I have been overly stressed lately and noticed that this feeling started around the same time I had a panic attack.

Dr. doesn't seem to think its anything but is sure feels like something to me.

Has anyone experienced this/ What can it possibly be?
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