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Weird Smell in Nose

Today I awoke with this weird smell in my nose. No-one else can smell it. I had a cold and was using mentholatum under my nose ( a generic brand). I don't have any mucous or anything coming from my nose, just this weird smell. I can't put my finger on the smell, kinda like ammonia or something. It's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same thing.
i get it twice a day. its an on and off thing.
its miserable.
i dont know what to do.
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I have the exact same thing, this has being going on for weeks now. It comes and goes and is usually when I am sitting down... I cant put my finger on the smell... its like amonia, urine, moldy smell... I dont even know what to do??? Worst part about it is no one else in my house can smell it.

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i have the same thing.... the other night i woke up at 4 in the morning and smelled this smell and i thought it was in my house but then i went to work and realized it was in my nose and it sometime's it makes me sick to my stomach. i have no clue what it. and i wish i knew what it is....
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I have the same thing, I thougth I was going crazy, I can't really say what the smell is, its weird and I'm not sure how to describe it, maybe like a chemical, chlorine, ammonia, and or burnt plastic funky smell.  I also get a weird taste in my mouth, sort of like what the odor might taste like, I am smelling it right now & still can't describe it.  It is frustrating and scary.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks now, sometimes it's really strong, like right now and other times its faint or not at all .  I'm glad I am not the only one with this.  I just wish I knew what was going on.
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I know this is an old post, but I was searching on this topic myself.
I'm not selling anything, I just think we all need to be told these normal things doctors have stopped telling us in this pill-popping era.
Do a search for "parasites in humans,ammonia"

When and If you still have the problem sometimes,try starting the day with a gargle of warm salt water and at least 100 over-head arm exercises ( as you walk around getting ready or whatever-it's not aerobic, more just getting things going. This both gets the lymphs awake and going at those nasties.If you're really keen, try a neti pot with salted water, too.

This sounds drastic but 'parasites' is another name for the more common terms like 'microbes','germs'...we have all sorts of things living with us but, when they over step the healthy relationship, they produce ammonia as waste.
The fact you'd been sick, maybe taking medication, also? Probably means there were either bad guys in your system or the good guys were working overtime,creating excess waste- ammonia.

I found this post while searching because as I have aged, starting in my 20's, sometimes the smell of my skin and nose smell differently in different ways,usually a weird bready-chalky smell. I have found out that that means I have a candida infection, which is not just a yeast infection in the way an internist would define it to us ( which is a parasite infection-usually it's explained as 'microbial' ) Today i am very itchy and smell funny and well, it's a long story.
I have recently found out that all these years of constant malaise, mostly on my skin, all these years of thinking I  'need to wash more' ;' need to eat more veggies' ;' just had allergies' or 'just need(ed) to drink more water' I actually have had parasites,everyone does, they help our bodies function. But, most people in America do have either too many 'good' ones or additional 'bad' ones.Hand sanitizer is part of the problem. Not washing hands and food properly is another.

Good health to you, I hope this was useful.Your post and the others have helped me in my slow understanding of the way I'm supposed to take care of myself (: Thanks.
You couldnt have explained it any better. Im guessing youve been dealing with this problem for a while now. I myself have been dealing with this problem for almost 6 years. I have all of the symptoms you explained and many more. At times i feel like i have 100 of invisible things crawling on my back, face, ears and my hair. I think these things are so small they can actually live in your pores. The worst symptom of all is i think they are coming from inside my body. Like the large and small intestine. Went to 3 different doctors and each one did some testing and found nothing which led them to believe i was crazy. Everywhere i go i infect that area with these parasites. Every article of clothing, the carpet, my vehicels,all my furniture including my bed are all infected. Even if i got rid of them i have em back in no time. Tried bug bombs and sprays. Tried freezing my clothes and even putting them in the microwave. These things have drained me of all my energy and now i think their causing my legs to swell. Cant go on like this much longer. I totally feel like theres no way to get rid of it. First i would have to get rid of em on and in my body. If a mircle did happen then i would have to sale my house and cars and find a new job cause where i work is infested. Totally at my wits end. And ive only talked about a few of the problems these things have caused me. The symptoms never stop, its 24/7/365. Im lucky to get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. Never more than 1 hour of sleep before it wakes me up.its so relentless i feel like giving up and calling it quits.can anyone help me please. Desperate. Please help.
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Also, another tell-tale sign which other posters have alluded to that points to  it's being a 'microbial' infection aka parasites residing in liver,colon,bowels:
Waking up between 2-4 am.
It's to do with their feeding/breeding cycle. They are also more active at night and during full and new moons.Different types have different cycles and symptoms.
I know this sounds wacky but, just as our menses are tied to the moon's subtle gravitational shift, so are the other fluids in our body and it riles up the germy little residents of our bodies.

There are about 100 known types of trouble causing worms,microbes,fungi,paramecia,etc. in the western world and doctors can test for about 2 of them definitively.
There are lots of resources online that list healthy foods and habits.
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