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Weird symptoms as well as swollen lymph nodes.

So I went to the er for irritated throath that don't go away, antibiotics didmt.Work do they did a catscan on my neck and they showed " numerous small level 2 and level 3 lymph nodes, with several more prominent note it is noted as well, reaching a diameter of 13 mm. None of the rightare are greater than 1cm." I also been having weird headaches sometimes and sometimes mild sweats and night and weird vision. They also found a mild chronic left maxillary sinusitis. They did my blood work too and everything was normal infact they told me I was really healthy. My worries are can I have a hidden disease like HIV but I have been using protection and recently was negative. Also all STDs negative or.can it be lymphoma or cancer I'm really worried. I'm going this week to a.ear nose and throat doctor to see what he says. What do you think?
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I'm in the same situation, my symptoms are dry throat for over two months now, mild ear clog I went to ent 7 days ago diagnosed me that i have gerd, I'm on medication for it and no good outcome, at night my right side of throat feeld very dry and in the back wall of it right behind my uvula theres small bump size of m&m candy, went to the urgent care couple of days back because I started to panic and this doctor did strep quick test and said i have it, and showed me the kit result which I couldn't see the line that shows positive but he assumed me that its there, I think he said that I have it to get me out of there lol, gave my prescription some antibiotics, which im taking them but still nothing, I'm on two medication atm one for gerd and strep, if you find some solution or outcomr of your problem please share, its a misery please help.
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