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Went to ENT but still have a couple of questions?

To sum up my life these 9 months its been hell. So heres a quick summary of what I've encountered.
: Went to ENT today for stuffed nose that i've had for 5 months and some throat and mouth problems. ( swollen left tonsil, red dots on tongue, throat just feels stuffed and weird)
During these past 9 months I have been sufferring with the idea that I contacted HIV from a very high risk and thought that was what was casuing my problems.. but my 10 negative tests in a span of 8 months makes me label it out..
ENT doctor at first thought allergies might of be causing this. Took allergy test and it came back negative for everything, of course I was scared and worried considering I was for sure it was allergys behind my symptons.
ENT doctor then takes piece of tonsil and do a lab on it.. She also sent me to go draw blood for a CBC with differential/platelet, Mycoplasma pneumonia IgB Ab, Mycoplasma pneu. IgG/IgM Abs, B pertussis IgG/M/A Ab, Hepatitis test, and a HIV- 2 QPCR. Of course my anxiety goes up as soon as she announces that shes making me test for HIV.. Overall she said shes confident it will come back and based of the observations and the symptoms I have she thinks I have a chronic throat infection. My question is how does a chronic throat infection cause a congested nose for months?? And just wanting a second opinion but does this sound like a throat infection or could it possibly be something worse. Someone please help me as I  have to wait two weeks for my results and I would love too see someone else opinion on this, just please someone help me.
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You ears, nose, and throat are all connected...hence the specialization of an ENT. Any one of the 3 can play havoc with the other two.

Sorry. Hope you are feeling better now.
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