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What can be causing throat congestion with fatigue and light headedness?

15 years of going to doctors and I still have the original problem; throat mucous so thick that I can not swallow pills, extreme fatigue and light headedness. I have had endless blood tests, CT scans, complete GI work, angiogram and all tests are clear. The doctors do not seem interested in helping solve this problem. However, it has been very damaging to my life and my career. Any ideas?
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Hi my self as a smoker am trying to stop as I had read this and my problem is I have allergies to the smoke at the cigarettes and my nose constantly runs so I figure we'll after I took the antibiotics my nose run more and seems like it doesn't want to start now after I had stopped smoking this is my be my third day now so I don't know what to say except for keep up the good work because I'm still struggling and I know the food they are in the health is good for all over body not what we think we need for Bodys
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Wow i never written most of that I said I been a smoker for a long time and im starting to quit I know it's hard for all of us whim is in the midst 50th and I myself and finding it hard with my nose sore throat my nose keeps running and running even more with antibiotics and when I did so it did the same so I know I'm allergic to cigarettes has anybody out there have the same issue?
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