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What could be causing my persistent sore throat?

I have had a persistent sore throat for 2.5 months now and am becoming increasingly concerned that it is cancer. A doctor found a nodule on my thyroid but that was ruled out as a cyst (ultrasound), no risk of cancer. My nose is always blocked but we treated it for post nasal drip with a steroid spray and no deviated septum was found through an x ray. I also had issues with acidity but the pain persists despite taking medication. I've been to 5 doctors, 2 of which were ENT specialists, the specialists couldn't find anything and one was adamant there is no tumour or cancer. No endoscopy was done. However, the family doctor has referred me to another ENT and said, "You need to one." as he had no idea what was causing the pain. The pain is very mild and has gotten better once i've stopped clearing my throat but it is still there with a globus sensation. It is also worse when my throat is dry. I have never smoked in my life, not even once, and im only 21 years old, what could be causing this pain?
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So, the doctor that said you should have the endoscopy?  Have you had it yet?
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