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What could it be


I accidentally came upon this website and I really like this.

The reason for my search is my question.

Since almost a year I have been having occassional dizzy spells. When I say dizzy, it is not the room rotating feeling, but rather, feeling of loosing balance. This lasts for only a few seconds and it could happen when I walking, sitting in a chair, lying down, no pattern of time either. I always attributed this to my pressure being low as I take indral 10 mg twice with Asprin twice and Trietazidine Dichloride 20 mg for my Microvascular Angina.

At almost the same time, I used to occassionally have this head ache on the left side of my head, not temple but middle part of my skull and feel a pressure or push toward my left eye ball. When I had these headaches, I felt like piercing something throught my left eye into my skull. The headache would not stop even if I took pain meds. It would last for more than 8 hours sometimes and then go. I did not take it too seriously at the time as it only happened occassionally. I should also mention that my left eye was tearning. I don't remember any of this being connected.

Now the past month, I noticed that I loose balance more frequently while doing normal stuff, my head ache has increased. Now this past two weeks, when I lie down to sleep, I feel a loss of balance and it take around 10 - 15 seconds to feel ok. But if I kind of sweep my hair my under my neck, on the left side, while lying down I feel the imbalance again. I tried this on my right I don't have any issues.

I have woke up from sleep with my left hand tingling and numb. I then walk for few minutes and move my fingers and arm to get the sensation back. I don't know if any of these are connected but I am writing everything that is happening to me in the past few months.

I went to an ENT and he did couple of test for my ear. It was discovered that I do not have any reflex for the Vestibular System in both ears and have high frequency hearing loss.

I do not work in an environment that has any noise to have this loss, nor am I a person who listens to music using headphone or earphone, nor do I like telephones.

I now plan to go to a GP and ask for an MRI to be taken.

Do you have any idea of what these symptoms means or how I should proceed.

I work full time and Manager in IT. I exercise and actually love to workout. But now am unable to do any abs exercises etc where I have to lift my head. I would appreciate if you could help me. Thank you in advance for any advise or insights.

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Hi Hazhad,

Your problems seem to be a little complicated one.
1. Dizziness or imbalance
2. Headache
3. Sensori-neural hearing loss
For these above problems you need to get further investigations done like MRI Brain (to rule out any Vestibular schwannoma/ other space occupying lesions)
1. Numbness and tingling sensation in the (L) upper limb is because of your posture of lying. If you lie down in one particular position for a long time it so happens that the nerves and blood vessel get compressed because of your body weight and you get relieved from it when you do move that limb. So, I think there is no correlation between the above problems and this one.
Please do get the investigations done and also get evaluated from the physician to look for any other problems in the body that is causing the imbalance. Meanwhile you can take Betahistine (Like Betavert/Vertin) as it improves the blood supply in the peripheral blood vessels and Neurobion. Any more doubts you are welcome.

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I would proceed with an MRI of the head/brain WITH contrast and a Neurology consult.    
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Londres70 is correct.
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Thank you to ENTMD, Londres7, OHNS2010 for your advise.

I think I am going to do that.

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