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What is going on my throat/swallowing and breathing?

A few days ago my tongue felt a little puffy and felt like there was phlegm in my throat, it made it hard to swallow or breathe without clearing my throat first and even then it was hard to catch my breathe. Im not exactly sure how long it lasted because I took a benadryl and an hour or so later fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and was fine the rest of the night and through the next day. 48+ hours later and it is now happening again but this time my tongue feels fine and its not as hard to catch my breathe as it did before but still having difficulties. Im not sure if there is actual phlegm there because I have yet to be able to cough anything out or if its like that globus pharyngis thing (which I get every so often). What could this be?
I feel like I should also mention that for the few nights prior to the first time, I found myself "forgetting to breathe" when trying to go to sleep. I would be laying in bed thinking of something and my mind would go completely blank and seconds later would be gasping for air.
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