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What is wrong? Ear problem?

I am having pain in my left ear. Not all the time - it comes on and then off. It started on the last days of October, with very little pain, like a pinch in the ear and really, REALLY slowly got worse. No warning, nothing, it just suddenly comes at me. Yesterday I experienced this, too, for about half an hour, and along with the ear, my left side of the jaw and left eye started hurting as well. After that, several times, but not as strong. Very small headaches have been present, and if it is of any concern, the last week I've been extremely tired, even when I have enough sleep at night.
I've had Otitis Media several times before, my mother and I kinda know what it's like, but we've never heard of something, that passes away and returns like this.
Could someone help me identify this thing? I'm making an appointment for an ear doctor as soon as I can, just in case.
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Heh, went to a doctor. It's actually Otitis Media, just another kind. It's rarer, so yeah. But I got my canals washed and now I'm slowly kinda getting better.
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