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What kind of infection can you have in both ears for almost 3 years?

For almost longer than 3 years now I have had dry skin inside both of my ears, and drainage, especially at night.  Both the drainage and the "skin" smell almost like an infection.  I went to an ENT about 2 years ago and he basically told me I have allergies and to take some nose sprays and daily allergy pills, but it hasn't gotten any better.  I even thought maybe it was almost like athletes foot, but in my ears, so I tried some antibacterial ointment in my ears, which seemed to kind of help, but not completely, and also thought it could be dermatitis, but I don't think that's it.  I am fine with going back to the doctor if it would mean I get an actual answer, but I can't spend the money, for them to basically write me off again.  Any ideas what this could be?
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So you ARE taking the nose spray and daily allergy pills?  Does it hurt?  If it is an infection, pain is usually involved.  Our ears will discharge ear wax regularly.  Any chance this is the issue? Did they ever do a round of antibiotics on you to see if it is otitis media of the chronic nature?
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