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What signs and symptoms did you experience with a perforated or ruptured eardrum?

Earache is the most common symptom of a perforated eardrum. The pain can include:General discomfortImmediate, sharp, or intense painPain that suddenly gets betterA feeling as if something is not right with the earOther common symptoms and signs of perforated eardrum include:Vertigo (spinning sensation)DizzinessHearing changesOften with ringing (tinnitus), buzzing, clicking, or other noiseHearing lossFluid (may be clear or pus-colored) or blood draining from the ear
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I started off with what felt like razor blades in my throat, then the next day I woke up with my throat still the same and a heavy head cold. I bought a spray for my throat which was great but in the evening my ear was doing whooshing noises and crackling. Then this almighty explosion and the pain from the ruptured eardrum was horrendous and the crackling was bad. I had to go to walk-in at 3 in the morning and I got antibiotics. Fluid kept on coming out of it 4 days. I feel sick and dizzy and feel like I have got a bad cold.
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I'd had a bad cold with horrible coughing for over a week. While blowing my nose on the left side I felt a pain in my right ear. Over the next couple days the ear pain gradually became worse, until it suddenly became excruciating for less than a minute, followed by relief of the pain and a thin bloody discharge from the ear. I went to a doctor, was told I had a ruptured eardrum, and was given antibiotics 3 days ago. The discharge stopped but I have barely any hearing in the ear. It's extremely annoying as I wait for it to heal.
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