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What to check next? Throat Symptoms Strangling me!

Hi folks!  I am turning to the forums as I do not know where to go next.  May 2015 i started to experience throat symptoms below my adams apple like someone was pressing on my throat.  It is must worse if i am reclined or laying on my back.  As a matter of fact, I can no longer sleep on my back because it bothers me so much.  

My problem is that no one has been able to diagnose what this may be.  I have had the following:
- Silent reflux treatment (no effect)
- Barium Swallow (nothing that should impact my throat)
- Endoscopy (all clear and no issues)
- Ultra Sound (slightly enlarged Thyroid, but not big enough to cause these symptoms)
- Neck CT (nothing showing in throat)
- ENT nose scope (nothing showing)  

It has been suggested that this could be anxiety related.  I don't agree as I am not an anxious person and it would also mean that every time I reclined or laid on my back in the last year I became anxious.  lol.   The other thing the ENT said that it could be muscular.  Not sure how that effects it only when I recline or lay down.  

It also feel like my chest is a bit heavy.  I think my doctor is going to lock me away soon because I am "on him" about getting this resolved. ;-p   It should be noted that I use a CPAP at night and I am probably 20lbs above my ideal weight.  

I sleep with a wedge in my bed, eat healthy organic foods, rarely drink and don't do drugs.  I did smoke for years but not for a long time now.  

Any ideas?  Thanks for reading...
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