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What's clogging my nose?

Hi, my name is Zach

One question I've been trying to ask is why my nose has been blocked for as long as I can remember. It was never really a normal to me because it's all I've known, I just know that if I close my left nostril, my right nostril feels like pulling on a suction cup, and closing my right nostril still feels a little bit clogged but not entirely, on extremely rare occasions I have felt clear nasal passageways which blows my mind whenever I notice it, and I'd love to feel that all the time, does anybody know what it could be? It's not a cold, I dont have cancer, it's not allergies unless I'm allergic to something constantly around me. Would be nice to figure this out, the only thing I can think of is either the cartilage in my nose is too thick and takes up a lot of the right nostrils space, or I have some disease that hasnt been detected by any doctors.

Bonus question: why does my left eye see fuzz permanently? It's not correctable by any lens, it's not blurry at all, think about it as if you took a nap and stood up immediate. The black fuzz that you see when you feel like you're about to pass out is what i see all the time with my left eye, except the fuzz does not move, and looks smaller than cells, black dots surrounded by colored dots, I can see far away, but I cant read far away, if anybody also experiences this, let me know if you know anything about this condition.
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Have you been to the doctor to confirm that you don't have allergies?  It's pretty common to have allergies that cause a clogged nose constantly- a few of my kids have that.  I'd recommend getting to a doctor to have them take a look and check into allergies a bit further.  As far as the eye- there are several things that can cause black spots in your eye- there is a great eye care community here that you should post this question in, a doctor usually responds in there, so check that out and think about making an appointment for that as well- here's a link to the eye care community-
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I mean, I rarely ever sneeze, i breath just fine through my mouth, it's not blocked from mucus at least only a few tip can reach where the mucus is at, it happens through all seasons, all settings, all day, all night with no other conditions as far as I'm aware, I have not gone to the doctor to confirm, but nobody in my family as far as I am aware has allergies, but my sister does have the same thing I do I believe. Maybe some day I'll have it checked out, and also to clarify about my eye, it's not in specific areas, it's my entire retina that have these microscopic atom sized black spots checkered next to the colored spots, anyways I'll head over to the eye section, thanks for a fast reply
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