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Which existing remedy is able to fully recover my swollen nasal passages of my nose?

Hello doctor, I have a very uncommon issue with my nose for almost a decade, which due to its unreasonably narrowed passages (or swollen mucus membranes) that I got one day (perhaps after one serious runny nose ocassion!..) provoces the coughing during any type of intensive physical activities, especially when playing sports... As the matter of fact, I have already chanced to see several professional nose specialists by one of whom I was reasonably advised to undergo myself for one particular nasal surgery called: “Vasatomy” (Russian term!) - is a surgical incision of the vas deferens… (not sure if you actually heard it!..), however as a huge worrier of getting the possible long-life side effects from it, I have to believe and rely on that there is still could be one but an effective nasal remedy against this symptom, thus to undergo this risky and unpredictable surgery could be unnecessary!
So I would like to take this opportunity and to ask here yourself if there is any certain remedy that is based on your professional knowlege or experience can fully recover my nose?
Here is the list of remedies that I’ve been prescribed and unsuccessfully used so far:

1) Flonase (Original)

2) Flonase (Alergy Relief)

3) Nasonex

4) Apo-Ciclesonide

5) Omnaris

6) Avamis

7) Rhinocort Aqua

8) Dristan (only 12 hours positive effect, however only temporary! ( ( )

Thank you for your precious time and Regards!
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