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White pimple in throat?

Hello, I tend to suffer from tonsil stones all the time, whether my throat is irritated or not. Even when I do not see noticeable stones I tend to get that nasty taste in my throat from time to time. Right now I have what seems to be a white pimple on my soft palate. I know the different between a tonsil stone and whatever this is and it is not a stone in my tonsil, more above it if anything on my soft palate. I had the same exact thing happen to me last month, just one pimple like bump formed, I believe I would even be able to pop it if I wanted to. Now, I recently went to an ENT. I did not have this "pimple" present but I discussed my constant tonsil stones and he said that it could be related to GERD. I do suffer from acid reflux, though I have yet to see a GI. He said that acid coming up to my throat may be causing my throat to get irritated, and for bacteria to form in my tonsils (which are very cryptic) causing tonsil stones. Now, my question is, would GERD be causing pimple like bumps to form from time to time causing my throat to feel irritated? When this happens they last a few days then go away. I am very concerned about this and trying to get down to the bottom of what's going on here. Once again, I do not get several of these "pimples" at the same time, when it's happened I usually get just one at a time and then it goes away. What could this be?
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