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Why are my sinuses tingling?

I’ve been having the problem of tingling in the middle of my forehead, between my eyebrows for years and also tingling around my upper nose. I’ve always thought it has been anxiety related, but recently I have been thinking that it may be some sort of infection in my sinuses. Another very peculiar thing is that my nose has a fishy smell that I notice if I pick my nose and smell dried mucus, but not when breathing. This smell is similar to that of the smell of a freshly caught fish from a small freshwater river. I do remember years ago when I was fishing in a small river I had just caught a fish and immediately after catching it I scratched the inside of my nose. Could I have potentially introduced bacteria into my nasal cavities and have been infected since then? I have no other symptoms other than the uncomfortable tingling or a itching sensation inside my nasal cavities right between my eyebrows; However, it is quite uncomfortable.
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