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Why has my ear been hurting for more than a month?

My ear has been hurting on the inside for more than a month now and there is so much mucus that I can both feel it, taste it and smell it. The right flap in the back of the throat before the tonsils looks like there is a white stripe and it feels swollen and hurts a little. There is no apparent swelling of the glands on the outside of my throat. Please help this is really annoying.
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Yes, that sounds annoying.  So, have you had a doctor take a look?  Typically a virus would have run it's course by now.  Could you have allergies?  Maybe you never did before but you CAN get them out of nowhere.  I think it is time for a doctor to evaluate.  Gargling with salt water helps with tonsil issues (although I hate doing it!) as does saline clean out of the nostrils. Your ear hurts----  you may have an ear infection.  It's all so intertwined that all this could go on together.  good luck
Thanks my ears hurt off and on sometimes a long time and other times short time my throat is better still have lots of mucus and I have a cough that sounds loud and loose flim sounds don't know how to explain it
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