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Will turbinate coblation end my nasal symptoms?

Hello, I watched the TV show "The Doctors" yesterday morning and a Dr. C. Schwimmer along with Dr. B. Goldwyn performed Turbinate coblation on a young women who was a long time nasal allergy suffer, as I am.  The doctor's said that this procedure would cure the bothersome symtoms but my research seems to indicate that it improves congestion but I wonder if it will have any effect on my runny nose?  Thank you, Tjoyce

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I am basically asking if turbinate coblation will eliminate the nasal allergy symptoms like runny nose and congestions.  After doing some research it seems that all it will do is open up the nasal passage way to aid in breathing but really nothing for the need for continuous tissues.  Am I right that this procedure really isn't the cure that this program tried to convince us it was?  Thanks, and please someone answer as I am very anxious.  Also, is there no longer any way to actually get a doctor to respond to questions anylonger as I saw no ability to "POST" for a doctor?  Thanks, Tjoyce
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i watched it too! good questions here! i too need to know as i have two family cases of allergies causing bad sneezing and nose itching in addition to vulnerability to cold and flu.
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I, too, watched the Doctor's show and saw the turbinate ablation procedure.  I have suffered from asthma and allergies for years.  The nasal congestion and drainage often induces my asthma.  Once the asthma starts, I have to take prednisone to quiet down my asthma symptoms.  Prednisone has many side effects and I have looked into this procedure as a hope to avoid taking steroids--or at least decrease them.  

The doctor that I saw invented this procedure at the Cleveland Clinic. He said that I would see at least 90% better breathing and at least 75% less drainage and congestion.  I am on everything medically I can take for allergies and I still have symptoms.  I am definitely going to get the turbinate ablation in about a month.

Most likely, your runny nose is caused from your turbinates growing bigger (hypertrophied) and therefore, causes excessive mucus production.  I bet that you would be a great candidate for the procedure, too.  

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I just read comments from people here who have had this procedure who have stated that it didn't help their seasonal allergies.  I recommend getting a second opinion as what I read here sounds like it offers minimal benefit and a lot of unpleasant side effects.  Read the related discussions.  Tjoyce
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I had the Turbinate Coblation procedure done in March 2009.  I was a severe allergy sufferer and was diagnosed with enlarged turbinates.  The procedure was a snap and with minimal side affects.  My insurance wouldnt pay for the procedure and it cost me $1500 out of pocket.  Now that 5 months has pasted and going thru the allergy season, I would have to say that I saw no improvement from having it done.  In fact, I would say my situation had gotten worse.  Now I suffer from chronic sinus headaches almost week.  In addition I now get enlarged lymph nodes in and around my neck.  I never had this before, but they started swelling only weeks after the procedure.  Went to the doctor and had a CT scan just to make sure nothing serious.  He ruled that is was due to sinusitis.  The amount of drainage I had prior to the procedure was reduced, but it feels like now I have constant sinus pressure.  I would of rather much had the drainage versus the pressure.  If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't.  
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Has anyone heard of the turbinate coblation in children?  I have a six year old who has no diagnosed allergies,but is constant with sinus infections.  He has had turbinate cauterization 2x but is not helping his problem.  I am a desperate mom looking for something to help relieve the constant sinus pressure and stuff nose he is always complaining about.  He also has darkened circles under his eyes and looks like someone punched him out.??
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Have you taken your son to an allergist?  I would imagine that after the testing and determination of what he is allergic to, he could get the desensitization shots.  Why not try that?  
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See if you can find an Advanced Allergy Therapeutics practioner in your area.  Its an alternative allergy treatment that I've had a great deal of success with.  My nose was always "stuffy" and I had many problems with drainage and patulous eustachian tube - all on the left.  After about 15 treatments, my ear is great, the drainage is markedly reduced, and my turbinates are inflammed only 20% of the time.  Best yet, it is not surgery, medications, or shots.  Its based Chinese accupuncture.  I was HIGHLY sceptical, but it worked for me.  The one downfall is it isn't covered by insurance - still considered alternative here in the US.
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