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Hi all

Not sure where to start so il try my best to explain all my symptoms. I use to be a smoker but quit 2 months ago. A few weeks ago i visited my GP because my right tonsil was enlarged but had no pain or other syptoms. He refered me to ENT for this month but i decided to pay private because i was worried. The private docter said it was swollen due to smoking and didnt think it was any thing serious has it asnt enlarged and no other serious syptoms but to go back if anything changed. ( PS i have had this swelling for nearly a year). I also suffer from nasel polyps and had 3 operations in the last 5 years and the doctor looked up my nose and sais they had grown back but not very big. This last few weeks i have had a dry mouth and what seems to be a sore throat but doesn't feel sore just like my throat is closing up and this keeps coming and going. Could this be any thing to do with my tonsil or anything to do with stopping smoking or my polyps. A few times during the week i have bad sneezing spells but i think this is due to my polyps in my nose. Im going to go back to my GP next week becuase i do worry thinking it something serious any comments will be appreiated thank you x
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I have known people to quit smoking and then have bronchitis or other irritations as their body gets used to not smoking.  In the end all of this should calm down.  I would avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as sugary drinks and dairy.  Instead try almond milk or other nondairy milk.  Also try drnking hot tea with mint as it is an antiinflammatory.  Also eat lots of vegetables and greens for the same reason.  Chicken soup may be soothing.  Hang in there.  I do not think you need to keep seeing the doctor unless symptoms continue after another 3 weeks or get worse or include fever or something more serious.  
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Did I read correctly that you symptoms started after you quit smoking? No, I now remember you quit only 2 months ago, and you've had these symptoms and nasal polyps for a couple of years.  

Not smoking is good regardless, so keep that up.  Do you have any nasal congestion to go along with what you posted?  

Sorry I'm just thinking of things I'd ask if we were talking, I really don't have any ideas given you are already seeing doctors.  This makes me doubt anyone reading you post will come up with something your doctors overlooked.

I checked one of your posts as a duplicate and it may be removed for that reason.  If I was mistaken you may want to make that post again but make change it so that it doesn't look like a duplicate.
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