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Yellow spots on tonsils and dry, dark lips!!!!

I already asked this question in the undiagnosed symptoms community as I suffer from other symptoms besides the throat and ears but I am going to ask it again here to see if maybe my symptoms can be better explained.
I have had fever blisters on the inside of my lip in the past so I'm familiar with how they look but recently I have been dealing with other symptoms I don't recognize. As of now, my lips are really dark along the vermillion borders, almost looks as if my lips are sunburnt, which they are not. My lips are really dry as well, I have to constantly apply Vaseline lip therapy. I just noticed about two days ago that my tonsils have yellow spots on them. Last but not least, my lips were feeling scaly so I checked them and there seems to be tiny bumps that you can only see if you examine closely.  Now, in my earlobes, where earlobe meet facial skin, I can feel but not see tiny bumps as well, and they itch.
Are my different symptoms related? What am I suffering from? Do I wait to ask my dentist? Do I have a herpes outbreak, tonsillitis, or strep throat? Or even dehydration? What doctor should I seek? Please help!! Thank you!!!
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