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biofilm with a bacteria infection

Searching for how a bacteria colony could attatch itself to my nasal sinus areas showed
that bacteria colonies build biofilm which contains a glue molecule.  Is it possible the
blockage I experienced was due to the biofilm gluing the soft palate to my throat?

The migration of mucus from the nasal sinus area impeded by a blockage
(possibly at or near the meeting of the soft pallet and the pharynx). (My
perception.) Breathing, eating and sleeping were all difficult because of
the mucus accumulation. Often had oxygen cannula in mouth as nasal passages

Experienced heavy quantities of green mucus in October 2011. Dr put me on a
Z-pak and the green cleared up. Continued later to experience heavy sticky
white mucus in nasal/sinus area.

PCP ordered a CT scan of sinus areas -- everything clear - no physical

November - ENT doctor ordered swallow test and previously a Gastro doc did an Endo Scope
- large Zenker's Diverticulum catching food and pills.

December - ENT doctor repaired diverticulum and scoped down nasal passages -
no blockage evident - said everything is very dry and inflamed and probably
the caustic oxygen was causing the problem. Meanwhile, continued to
experience that the migration of mucus from sinus nasal area to throat even
more impaired as the problem was proving progressive.

January 2012 - saw a different ENT doctor and was told there was no physical
blockage and that the sticky heavy white mucus most probably caused by GERD,
as scarring was evident. Also, that everything in nose, mouth and throat
very dry.  This ENT doc referred me to a pulmo doc as I wanted a TTO.

March - saw a Pulmo doctor - did a through examination of all doctor notes
and myself, sent me back to the ENT doc for a sample to culture from the nasal area - positive for
bacteria was the results. Pulmo doc also observed the very dry condition of
nose, throat, and mouth. Stopped the Spiriva to see if that would clear up
the dryness of mouth, after that to start a 6 weeks course of Prednisone,
and an antibacterial.

Stopping Spiriva did nothing to alleviate the problem
- was on Prednisone(20mg) for 10 days and that was all I could take.

The ENT doc called me and said the culture was positive for bacteria and
prescribed 3 week course of SULFAMETHOXALOE-TMP-160 TABS ? every
12 hours -- that worked. Sticky white Mucus broke up and moved out.  I have
been using #50 C-MUPIROCIN 5GM IN SAL NASAL – 2 sprays each nostril twice daily
to prevent a re-infection.  However, still have a heavy mucus presence.

An exacerbation event that has lasted 6 months and several top-rate doctors,
all due to a camp-out of bacteria in my nasal/sinus areas. No fever, no
pain, just frustration.  

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