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blood in back of throat

Latley I have been feeling the constant taste of blood in the back of my mouth. I know it's blood not a metallicy taste. I was at a restaurant and coughed for a few minutes over the toilet and a few drops of blood came out. For the last 2 mnts just the taste is always there.

I have had a lung x-ray and ct (clear), sinus CT (clear) head CT (clear) and the ENT looked into the nose etc not findings. They keeping saying it might be mild sinusitus that would not show up on the CT but I don't know. I recently was diagnosed with high grade acid reflux at 34 so could this be coming from below?
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Hi, blood usually comes in vomiting in case of reflux,blood with cough is mainly from lungs but as your investigations suggest no pathology better just relax and keep taking anti acid reflux treatment for at least couple of weeks.Have you ever had black stool or pain in upper addomen.
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It's great that your tests were all normal, and i'm sorry you're tasting blood, that must be very worrisome.  Expecially the blood that dripped out after coughing at the toilet.  This could have been from breaking some small capillaries which is common with forceful coughing.

GERD often causes a sour taste which may be part of what you're tasting.  I like bhups1's reccommendation to try the GERD treatment for a few weeks and then tell your doc how it's going.
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Thanks for both of your responses I have never had black stools that I know of or abdominal pain. I had an upper edoscopy and I have erosive esophogitus which shows some raw areas. They have me on nexium 40mg once a day but I still taste the blood. I am going to stay with the Nexium for a few weeks and see what happens but this is really scary.
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i experienced the same thing.
i had an acid reflux in April which until now is still troubling me.
i went to see my doctor almost a month ago to complain to her about this swollen node under my right jaw and she asked me to undergo a fine needle biopsy.

i noticed that a few days after that i began tasting blood in the back of my throat and this happened 3 or 4 times or more....i took omepron ( anti acid) for 10 days but i still feel this acidic taste in my throat and this feeling like something is stuck in there. :(

whats  causing me this acid reflux?? is stress one them?? coz i have been under soooo much stress lately with the death of my father.
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Did you have the biopsy and if so what happened?
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what's the result of the fine feedle biopsy?
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ok this what i posted on the other discussions and if you guys know what chronic inflammation patterns and fibrosis are please do tell..and how accurate are fine needle biopsies? thanks

*********last april 07 i remember having a terrible running nose, my throat was sore, and throat infected due to pharyngitis and acid reflux...then i noticed that the node under my right jaw is enlarged. It started small about the size of a bean and now it's gone bigger.

i already went to see a doctor and i was told that i have an acute Pharyngitis...i took some antibiotics and things have been better since then...except that for more than 6 mons already that lympnode is still enlarged. It's painless and big and  it's causing me fear already.

last oct 12, i went to see my doctor again...she saw i still have a mild throat infection and asked me to take an antacid ...i told her sometimes i feel my throat is still a lil acidic and mentioned to her about my enlarged node and asked me to undergo a fine needle biopsy.

***the result says: Chronic Inflammation Pattern with Fibrosis---and no atypical cells found in the aspirate material.

what does this mean?? i really didnt had the time to ask my doctor about this

my doctor said there's nothing to be worried about for the moment....
but im really getting so  paranoid....and it would help if i get answers from people who might be experiencing the same thing.

i have been  under stress since  last year....so much stress....my father died of cancer last june and i think i may have a rampant case of hypochondria...but can you blame me??

im not losing weight...or experinece  any symptoms that would suggest Lymphoma...
but this thing under my neck scares me....

i keep touching it....

thank you
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lymphoma would be atypical cells, it's worth taking the time to ask your doc about the results, but it sounds like they were trying to reassure you about it.

stop touching it!!!
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Dr. Choi if it was luekemia what would it say and also does that mean there is something that it could turn into?
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If it was leukemia, the fine needle biopsy would show atypical cells suggestive of malignancy.  Chronic inflammation with fibrosis isn't likely to turn into anything.
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I got co nfused for a lil while. i thought you said i have lymphoma...i have been reading about it =(

but anyway, THANKS ...it really means a lot!
and im wondering...why did it happend? does my pharyngitis have something to do with it?
and this enlarged node...will  it ever go away without resorting to any surgical procedures?
as much as i want to keep my self from touching it..it has become a habit already...like a natural reflex.---im becoming conscious already...am beginning to feel something got stuck in my troat and there's this lil sensation tingling sensation in my right ear.

BUT it's really good to know that am not dying...

thanks a lot
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Your biopsy said it had no atypical cells.  That's reassuring.

JUST SAY NO!  Don't touch it.  Ask your doctor for help in not touching it.
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im really looking forward to this reply...thanks doc.
but really is feeling like somethings is stuck in my throat part of having "an infected" throat?
these past few days i noticed that i begin feeling it right before i go to bed...

and this tough thing under my jaw...will it ever subside?
i understand fibrosis is part of the reparative process and it's already hard...does this mean it's permanent already?? like i said im becoming conscious...it feels like a i have a quail egg under my jaw and i could really feel it specially when i bend my head down.

anyway, i dont taste blood in the back of my throat anymore.
and i hope and pray that scared605 is doing great already.
you might want to gargle with warm water with salt in it....
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Thanks for your prayers, I need all that i can get. I ocassionally still taste blood, have a couple swollen nodes and have candida now which is scary. I also have lost a bit of weight, still looking.
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awwww ....i know what it's like to be scared...it sucks.
i will include you in my prayers tonight --you can count on it.

if it means anything 2 weeks before my bday last Feb i fell really ill.
i had a fever that wont go away,,,i kept peeing...i had  chills...rashes...and it took us 1 week for us to decide that i should go see a doctor. they took  blood samples and urine and they suspected that aside from UTI i might be suffering from DENGUE...infection you can get from mosquito bites. I stayed in the hospital for another week. My doctor was also my father's doctor and he ran some more tests knowing that diabetes runs in the family and it showed that i am already prediabetic.
Another test showed that YEAST was found in my stool.....i guess that's candida too??
but that was easily treated. ---it all happened during those times when i was sooooo down, depressed and scared. this is exactly what stress can do to us.

Im not the right person to say this coz i too suffer from rampant hypochondria but
please try to relax...

i really hope this catches you well.

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Feeling it right before you go to bed may be because you're lying down or bending your head in a way where the post-nasal drip is makin you geel it.

I'm glad that the taste of blood is gone.

Praying for both of you inigo & scared605.

Inigo, dengue?  Where have you been recently that it could be dengue?  I have family in Singapore and they worry about that a lot.  I'm sorry that you're pre-diabetic, there's a lot you can do to improve that with weight loss and exercise.  Yes, yeast is candida, I'm lad it was easily treated.
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i bend my head a lot...when i draw or type something here in the comp...so that could be the reason...like right now...i feel something in my ear. :( i keep exercising my neck....
i used to work out and when i stopped thats when i started to have all these maladies.
YEs, i need to lose weight doc...am growing wider already. --am afraid am paying more attention to this enlarged node under my neck than the fact that im prediabetic already.

and yes Doc... Dengue
it's a phenomenon going on here in Asia...specially in countries like Philippines in the rainny season.
we have an extra lot here where planted "all sort of trees "...water that is left by the rain becomes breeding ground of these mosquitos.

thank you for the prayers ...
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Stop exercising your neck, and start exercising your feet!

Pay more attention to getting rid of your pre-diabetes by exercising and losing weight and you'll do much more for your health than worrying about this enlarged node.

You're in Philippines?  I thought the rainy season was in the June-Sept timeframe?

God bless you!
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Global Warming Doc...while the rest of the world is experiencing drought...some parts of Asia are experiencing heavy rains. LA NIñA as we call it here and am beginning to hate it already coz i havent seen sunshine in days.

I will go back to the gym and try to get better!
I want all these Maladies gone before i go study in Spain. ------Thank You Very Much :)
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Spain, how delightful.  Much nicer than rain from La Nina...

I'm doing my best to counteract global warming by riding my segway to work, over 600 miles now.

Good luck at the gym!  Tell us how it goes and you may get me to go back too...
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I love Spain. My plans to further study art got postponed 3 times already and i will be very disappointed with my self if i dont get to fly there next year.

and global warming...i am in many ways guilty of contributing to it...having dengue was my punishment lol!

Doc, this thing under my jaw really is annoying me already.
like right now my throat is  sore...a lil acidic and my neck is a lil tight!
the enlarged node feels a lil bigger  ( yeah i touched it again)
was it just coincidental then that someone is burning dried leaves here and i ate something spicy and had a glass of coke? i mean could they really trigger this?

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give yourself a break and don't touch it for a day or 2 and check it then

if it's persistently swollen for a few weeks, go see your doc!
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now am scared :(

swollen? but it's not even painful.
my right ear is itching..
feels something is stuck in my throat...
should i not really be worried about chronic infammation pattern with fibrosis doc?
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I'd be as worried as your doctor told you to be.  Not very, right?!?!  Just follow their instructions for getting appropriate followup
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