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why does no one anwser me
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From the web:

Throat cancer comes in a variety of forms. Throat cancers are classified according to their cell structure and are most often named after the area in which the cancer is growing. For example, cancer of the tonsils is called tonsil cancer.

The location of the cancer often determines the patient's prognosis, as throat cancers in certain locations are more aggressive than other throat cancers. The stage of the throat cancer is also important to recovery, as cancer is easiest to cure when it is caught in its early stages.

You have not provided enough information regarding the type of throat cancer you are referring to for someone to try to give you an answer.  
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when i put my finger down my throat i can feel a hard groath that goes down on the right side,i have a foul taste in my mouth and bad breath,which ive never had,also have pains in my lungs all the time, have been given inhalers as my throat gets very tight. i get epains in my right ear quite often, also i have a lump like a bit bone that has poped up in my right nostrel
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Has the doctor diagnosed these symptoms as throat cancer?  
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