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can sinus infection cause swollen lymph nodes?


I am relatively healthy, 25 years old, female.

For the past 15 days i've been battling a cold that turned into a sinus infection that was left untreated and led to an ear infection. I am in constant pain; my nose is congested, my ears hurt and i get the worst headaches ever.

I went to the doctor this morning and he examined me thoroughly. He told me i have sinus infection and ear infection and that my throat is irritated because of post nasal drip and that my neck lymph nodes are swollen.

The swollen lymph nodes stroke me as particularly odd- i thought they are indicative of a serious infection or cancer.

My doctor seemed to be more alarmed about my ears than about my lymph nodes
He prescribed antibiotics, 500 mg of Ceclor 3 times a day and a nasal spray that disinfects the nasal canals.

I am in panic now though. Why are my lymph nodes swollen?

Could it be a symptom of lymphoma?

Can sinus infections/ear infections really cause swollen nodes?
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I have had chronic sinus problems my whole life and I almost always have a swollen gland or two when I have a sinus infection. Everything up there is super connected and a sinus infection can affect eyes, vision, facial pain, skin sensitivity, throat, swallowing, ears, hearing,e verything! Swollen lymph nodes typically happen with any infection, but doesn't necessarily mean its something serious. You likely have swollen lymph nodes frequently and never even know! If you are worried you should always check with your doctor though.
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