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chronic ear problems

ive had chronic ear infections my whole life, have been told the tubes in my ear close up when i sleep and mucas gets stuck in there, gets stagnant, and then i get an infection. after hundreds of trips to ent and family med dr, they basically just treat me with antibiotics and send me on my way. now at age 38 they seems to be less frequent, and when It does happen its much less painfull. I notice my head feels very congested and i cant hear well. I snore so loud i wake up the neighbors (ok thats an exaggeration), IM a singer in a band and when my heads congested i cant sing, or hear what im singing, the last 6 weeks my head has been completely congested, i went to dr they suspected a sinus infection (yet ive had many of those and dont have the foul smell associated w/ it), it seemded to clear up after the antibiotics, but two day later returned. for the first 4 weeks of this mysterious illness i had very thick yellow mucas, sore throat, headaches and intermittant shooting pain in ears. now just the congestion, sneezing, and have noticed a strange intermittant odor after sneezing (hard to describe...like opening up some new package...kind of sweet, kind of chemically). I do know i have a perforated right ear drum and a deviated septum. just wondering if anyone has any advice so my poor wife can sleep at night, and i can get back to living life.
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