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chronic parotitis

hello all
a year ago i had some issues and an infection i didn't know what it is i think it was ebv infection, anyway i had some complications in my mouth and throat i went to a doctor took a biopsy from my inner right cheek by cutting from it like a surgery it was a red thing anyway it cam out leukoplakia and non specific inflammation but after the surgery of one day my cheek swollen too fast and too big that i took alot of antibiotics and anti inflammation iv so it came down like 90 % of the swelling but the swelling came back after that and increasing i make an ultrasound for it came out 2 enlarged parotid glands and 1 lymph node enlarged with an infection inside them a doctor told me to take antibiotics and corticosteroids for it but nothing works for it so i want to know how to fix this my right cheek becomes bigger every day and my face looks weird
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp forums. This sounds like it has been quite an ordeal.  Here is information that helps explain what could be going on with an infected parotid land or salivary gland  https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/salivary-gland-problems-infections-swelling#1 .  I am sure swelling on one side of the cheek is disconcerting. Please call your doctor again to address this.  Different antibiotics can be used to treat different things.  For example, if your bacterial infection of the salivary gland is caused by staph, a particular pathogen, an antibiotic specific to treat that would be necessary.  Again, we urge you to speak to your doctor and be seen again to follow up with the continuing swelling and infection.  We wish you the best and please keep us updated.
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they gave me alot of antibiotics through the year and it's still the same
I am sorry to hear that.  So, you have been diagnosed with infection which is often an acute presentation of symptoms but have a chronic condition.  Has anything been investigated like stones causing an obstruction?  Things that doctors often recommend along with antibiotics that you may ask your doctor about are gland massages and hot compresses.  If this continues, you may want to include a specialist or second opinion to find the right path of treatment.
no stone in the ultrasound , no doctor tell me about anything to do they told me to leave it because there are no solutions they know , I'm not from the us or Europe I'm from Africa can you tell me more to do ?
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