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clicking lump on right of my throat

i am 25 year old mum,,and just been through quiet alot stress,,i had a cold about 3 weeks ago,then that went away,,about 2 fridays ago i  started with a bad cough,and  i felt a lump in my right side of my throat when i swallow,at first it felt like abit of food was lodge in there ,but then i went i went the drs a week after,,he said there nowt for it just keep drinking water,and gargle salt water,,,it really hurts and really annoying ,,please some one help me x
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now the lump has moved over into the middle of my throat,,it feels like a loose when i swallow,as my left ear feels like its cracking everytime i yawn,swallow or move my jar,,plus in the middle of my chest and under my left arm,feels tender..... have been under alot of stress still,
i feel like i could sleep all the time,
am more moody,,,
can anyone help ???

i mentioned it again at the drs yet again last week, and he said not to worry about it...
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How come you havent gone to doctors??? You should go ASAP maybe its nothing serious and maybe it is you need to go stressing about might just make it worse.
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